Peter Jensen - Training and discipline of the crew

Running time
1 min 22 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Every one of the crew saw the end of the war. In fact that was something that, when we first crewed up, we were all new on the squadron and the skipper, we crewed up, made a crew, and we're told 'That's your aircraft, it's U, aircraft out on the water.'

So the skipper got us all in there, got us into one of the ward rooms and he said 'I dunno about you blokes but I intend to see the end of this war and I've decided that's dependent on two things.

Number one is luck.' Well you can't do anything about luck can you?

But number two is training and discipline and you can do a lot about that and we did. If we had any spare time he was at us, you know, go and do some flight affiliation with fighters from elsewhere or, you know, just even cleaning the aircraft and learning about it, you know, and he did it and we all saw the end of the war.

One fellow that got wounded he didn't last long after the end of the war.

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