Peter Jensen - Rotation of crew

Running time
2 min 13 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


There were eleven on the crew, there was two pilots, one navigator, three wireless operator air gunners, two engineers, a fitter and what they called a straight air gunner, meant he was an air gunner but he couldn't do anything else, and he was the tail gunner.

Everybody with the exception of the engineers, the navigator and the pilots, everyone else took a turn in the turrets moving all the time because we went out to find submarines, we had radar but we weren't allowed to use it because the U-Boats themselves could pick up the radar and gave them warning and so you had to use your eyes.

You could only concentrate on search for one hour and then you'd change and get out and have a cup of tea or something so somebody else would take, go into the turret.

We had a roster and we had to make sure that each turret had someone in it all the time and so between that, like the two engineers, they'd swap jobs and the three radio they'd swap jobs too so it had to work in with the roster. There always had to be somebody in every position but there was always a couple free having a chance to make a cup of tea or get something to eat.

Thinking back, it was a wonderful aircraft, so good, when you think of the bombers, every other aircraft, fighters or bombers, everyone was crammed in, but we just wandered around the aircraft.

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