Peter Jensen - Shot down in the Bay of Biscay, part one

Running time
1 min 47 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Number one was looking for U-Boats and watching for JU88s because they patrolled the bay too. We were looking for U-Boats and the 88s would come out looking for us.

Fortunately, the Bay of Biscay was quite cloudy as a rule so if we saw any German aircraft, we could hop into the cloud but once it didn't happen, we had a clear area and that was a problem when they attacked. There were six of them that attacked us.

I was in the tail turret at the time, I saw them, I estimated they were 17 miles away. I reported to the skipper or to the navigator and said, 'Oh alright, keep an eye on it'.

So, the skipper opened it up a bit but couldn't get very fast. It got up to about 105 knots, well these JU88s could do 250 and they came closer and closer.

I saw one but then as they come there were two, then there were three, then there were four, then there were five, then there were six.

They came along right up to us and then they split up and they went two on the port side and four on the starboard side, they came up and that's what gave us no hope because they were obviously very well trained and knew what they were doing.

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