Peter Jensen - Shot down in the Bay of Biscay, part two

Running time
2 min 19 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Each one of them had two machine guns, I think it was three 20-millimetre cannons and one 37-millimetre cannon, so you know, we didn't think we had much chance.

Not only that, well, we knew what we were doing. The navigator took over and the skipper, the leading man of the Germans, we called him number one, he came in on an arc like that and the navigator called out to skipper 'Dive to starboard' and he came in.

Now he should have missed us, the skipper came in like that, well he sort of pulled in sharp. If it had been done properly, he would have missed us on that one trip, and I was in the turret and I swung the turret right round as far as I could.

They were out of sight of me but he's going to break this way, I reckon, and he did. He came that way and we went that way and as he came round the navigator, he just missed it a little bit and we got three shells, bang, bang, bang and it came round, we came round and I got him in my sights and I thought 'Beauty, I've got him' and the guns and my turret were out of action because there was an oil line that went from the inner engine, the starboard inner, back to give me all the power to operate the turret and fire the guns and one of those three shells, with of all luck, had cut that line and my turret was useless, the main armament on the gun.

At any rate there was a little handle I had, I could turn round like that and fire the guns by hand which I did but you can't do much.

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