Robyn White - Accommodation

Running time
1 min 39 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was pretty happy with our quarters actually. Because we moved, we were accommodated in an ex-military barracks basically. And out of about 300 in our contingent, about 30 were women. So women and senior NCOs and were given their own room basically. And the rooms have damage to certain degrees. But to have your own room was pretty well a luxury, as far as I'm concerned.

Any sort of hard standing's a luxury. So had our own rooms. They did actually have bathrooms in them, but the shower maybe worked once or twice whilst I was there. But we had our room and we had our basic sleeping bag and whatever else we were able to carry with us. But as in the first couple of weeks, we started to get creature comforts. So we got a stretcher, we got a pillow.

So all these things evolved over time. And we put up mosquito nets, of course. But it had a little desk in the room and there was a cupboard to put things into. So as far as our accommodation was concerned, that was fine. We're on a balcony. We saw the sunrise, I think, which was quite spectacular. So I was actually quite happy with the accommodation.

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