Robyn White - A life defining moment

Running time
1 min 41 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was working one day down in the displaced person's camps, and I was with the doctor. And just this ongoing feeling of inadequacy. And I was looking at the doctor and I just felt that he knew what he could do and he knew the limits of what he could do. I felt that I wanted to be able to do more and I felt that he was able to do more.

He knew more than I did. And it was in that moment that I thought, "I've got to become a doctor." And so that seed was planted on a specific day when I was down in the displaced person's camps….And it was because of that particular moment. And so that has changed my life and brought about so many different opportunities and a lot of satisfaction.

But I was also looking after a lot of babies and nursing mothers there as well and I had no idea about babies or mums or things like that. I was involved in a rather horrific obstetric event whilst I was there. And maybe if I was a midwife, I couldn't have changed the outcome, but I could have perhaps made a little bit better for the mum. So I became a midwife after getting out of the regular army and training up to be a midwife before I became a doctor.

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