Robyn White - Somewhere in Africa

Running time
1 min 6 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


At that time I was working, I was a nursing officer at 1 Field Hospital in Sydney. It no longer exists. And I think at the time nurses at that unit were either in the ward side of the house or in the field side of the house. And I had just moved over, I think, to the field side of the unit. And basically I was able to tick, I guess, all the boxes at that stage that I had the profession they were wanting, I was fit. I was ready to deploy basically.

I don't know what the criteria outside of those parameters was... Prior to the genocide happening, I would've known the capital at some stage because I knew all the capitals of the world when I was in year seven. I had a vague... Well, I knew it was in Africa. That was probably the extent of my knowledge on Rwanda though.

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