Robyn White - Realising the obvious

Running time
2 min 18 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


You go through of the streets, everything bombed out. And people being injured by landmines that might have been buried during that time, and the ongoing violence and certainly seeing people injured with machetes and things like that, as I said, but that's the ongoing. Couple of things that stand out for me is that one day I was at a clinic outside of Kigali and somebody stumbled across a body.

Don't know how long that body had been there for or the circumstances, but I think we all assumed that, that body had been there from the genocide. And I don't know what we actually did, but we saw the body. I don't know if somebody reported it to somebody senior, but that was probably one of the few physical reminders of what had gone on like that.

I didn't see other mass graves or any other human remains like that. But I guess the thing that did confront me, was I was at an orphanage one day immunising. And I was looking at the children's records and they would say... And I appreciated I was in an orphanage, so obviously these children didn't have parents.

But it wasn't until I was looking at several of their records where it said, "Mom died April '94, dad died April '94." So I'd see that and I'd see something, I'd see something else. And then it hit me, it was the obvious thing that hit me. But it just hit me that these children had all been orphaned because of the genocide. And incredibly sad to, as I said, to realise the obvious.

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