Robyn White - A typical day

Running time
2 min 3 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


So I think I would've woken up at about 6:00, met up at the top gates for a security picket to walk myself and my colleagues to the hospital, which was just around the corner. We'd had our Steyrs on us. Arrive at the hospital, unload the Steyrs, put that away somewhere safe. And then basically more or less like any other day on a hospital ward, you get handed over from the night staff. So your team's there with you.

Depending on how much staff was there, my role might be as in charge nurse or it might be just helping out with everybody else. So it was basically supervising medics, doing ward rounds with doctors, medication rounds, a lot of supervision, writing reports, making sure we had the equipment we needed to do the job. So it was a very practical hands-on job that I had. Every so often., I can't remember exactly how often it was, but we'd be on a resus call team. And that was probably about once a week or so.

So if there was a resus, someone coming in needing resuscitation, then you would divert to the resus bay and help out. I was a ward nursing officer. Where I worked, the hospital had a small ICU area. Then it had a medical surgical ward. So it was a mixed ward and it was adult and paediatric as well. So I was basically a general ward nursing officer. That's how I'd describe what I did there.

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