James Lybrand - The barbecue question

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


To put it succinctly, I turned up on race day and started the course, basically. So from a professional basis, you are actually conducting the same kind of thing, you're using mariner skills to look out and assess your environment to navigate the ship or submarine safely. Of course, the submarine works in three dimensions, ultimately. But yeah, there were a range of psych sort of testing that you did, but not particularly in any greater fashion that I felt that I would have done as a joiner or on pilots course.

But a mate of mine, a guy I joined the navy with called Kirk who was also an apprentice with me and has remained friends to this day, I remember him calling me up at the time and said, "Hey, man, what are you doing? Like you like being outdoors so much? How you going to survive in a submarine?" And I said, "Yeah, I think I’ll be right".

You know, it's just something you turn your mind to do and it's like being in an aircraft or being in a room. And I didn't say before, but I guess it's worthwhile saying that one of the barbecue questions is "Oh, is it claustrophobic?" to which I answer, it has never bothered me to be in it.

So I have heard other stories of people saying that they got sort of asked about the thought of claustrophobia or how they actually went through some of the selection process. But I can say that didn't happen to me. And ultimately, it's like any workplace, you get used to what workplace you're in.

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