James Lybrand - Crew changeovers and training

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


So generally, you would find that about 33% of the crew change every year. And so then as you get to the end of the second year, the majority of the crew has actually changed out on a particular time. And, of course, you're part of that process as well. I guess, as you're going along the flowing river that’s your posting throughout time, you don't sort of think about that too much until you become the commanding officer at which stage, you've actually got to train all these new people over the two to three years you might be in command.

Of course, you can take two approaches to that, you can try and cherry pick the best people or you can take what you get and train them. Now internally to just the normal workup and training cycle that happens in ships and submarines, is if you change out a certain part of a command team or a certain amount of people, that sparks what's called a workup or effectively a training and assessment period. And then internally to that, you as the commanding officer, you have to do your own training to make sure you're proficient to operate that submarine.

And I guess I rationalized in my head that on a submarine or as a commanding officer you got three things, you got people, you got a platform and a program. So all the rest was up to you basically, to make them an efficient team, you know, for peacetime and potentially wartime operations and to make sure everyone is trained, and at least their job and hopefully, you know, some of the other jobs on the submarine.

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