James Lybrand - Enlistment

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1 min 2 sec
Date made
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I pretty much only had a school life before the ADF. I joined from Townsville, in 1990, having spent most of my schooling there in Brisbane, and then joined the Navy straight off the bat from school, literally left school in early December and joined the Navy on the third of January 1990.

So I was seven or just turned 17, I guess, and joined as an apprentice first attach to HMAS Nirimba the apprentice training establishment in Western Sydney and went through the full training in Nirimba as an aircraft maintainer called a weapons electrical at WEL.

And then went to HMAS Albatross post that to finish off my apprenticeship which I did, I guess, in a 12-month timeframe rather than two years and then changed over to officer immediately following that, in 1993.

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