James Lybrand - Disconnection from the outside world

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1 min 21 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


One of the big differences is that you are totally disconnected from the outside world when deployed, there's no outgoing communications, like you might have with a ship. There's no incoming communications that you might have with email now and previously messages, except for a very short, transmitted messages, call a family gram from families, effectively, once a week.

So you do have to be somewhat more resilient and I found later as a leader, as a commander, or manager and leader, some of the problems that you have on ships, didn't actually exist on submarines. So you didn't get an email, from somebody's partner to them, say, "Hey, look", here's some home problems. "Guess what? I've left you". These are all things that were kept, you know, for when they came alongside.

And in a submarine, you have no choice but to get on with people because there's nowhere to go, there's nowhere to hide, there are no compartments you can go and sit in on your own, though there is one which we'll talk about in a moment, there is no windows you can look out if you feel bad, so you've kind of got to crack on with it. And the way we operate in our submarines now is on a six hours on six hours off basis. So you either work or you sleep.

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