James Lybrand - Training

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54 sec
Date made
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was, during my course, I was a midshipman for only the very first part of it. So by the time I got to ships I was a sub-lieutenant. But I went to Protectorand got my ticket, my bridge watchkeeping certificate on HMAS Protector which was kind of a handy thing because it was a shorter ticket than going to a frigate but it also was the avenue by which I could get myself on the last Oberon submarine course which I felt was important rather than going on a Collins course so you could actually understand what the previous submarines were and what they did, because it was a very manual environment on an Oberon class submarine as opposed to Collins which actually had a bunch of sort of push button valves, same process, ultimately, but, you know, I guess I felt that I wanted to do the original class of submarine that I was on, then Collins afterwards.

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