James Lybrand - A clandestine asset

Running time
1 min 22 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


In the current environment, the electromagnetic environment as in that is what is above the waterline and can be detected by overhead sensors, radars, other non-traditional sensors is probably the most dangerous environment. Acoustically from the surface of the ocean to the floor of the ocean, there are so many factors that actually go into being detected or not, and how you can evade that, that it is still very difficult to detect, you know, a submarine underwater.

So I guess the submarine is the is one of the true or the only true, I guess, clandestine assets that the ADF has or any nation has because they can operate forward in denied environments to surveil or conduct intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance, or conduct kinetic activity, if required, with the ability to either deny that had occurred from a particular country because you don't know where the threat comes from or, indeed, to do something and come back and actually never be detected. So it is a true, what we would call now phase zero preparation, sort of device for the majority of its time, but it can deliver kinetic effects in wartime as well, quite effectively.

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