James Lybrand - Diesel electric submarines

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1 min 20 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


It's all underwater now, basically, deep or at periscope depth, basically, because it's a diesel electric submarine. It is like, effectively a hybrid car, you've got to recharge the battery to then discharge the battery. And you would spend, you know, a period of time at periscope depth charging a battery often at night.

And then a period during the course of the day, you know, executing it so, of course, at periscope depth at transit speeds the periscope gets rattled around a fair bit because of the water flow over it which has a big impact on bearings and the periscope itself over long transit so you would like where possible to transit at periscope at a lower speed. Oberon’s going back to them was not, because an Oberon actually went from point A to point B on the surface and then we'll dive at point Beta to what it needed to do and then surface later.

I mean, Collins was Australia's first true submarine and they operate dived all the time. So they will literally leave Perth, dive just off Rottnest Island if you go into Sydney, resurface just outside Sydney and we go everywhere in that manner unless it's too shallow to be dived.

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