Michael Apperley - A big job for a small team

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1 min 32 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were part of the Australian service contingent, but I was part of the joint movement control unit. So our job was to run all of the road, the air and the sea movements, manage those aspects of the United Nations deployment into Somalia. A very small team of people, but a big job. A big job because, you know, we were there over a period of time where there was a lot of rotations, you know, there was certainly the French, and rotation coming in, the Foreign Legion rotation coming in from Djibouti, there was an Indian, a massive Indian presence, sort of about two thirds of the way through our deployment that had to rotate in and then get them out to, you know, the parts of the country where they needed to go.

And obviously, just the resup, the resup through the airhead, and also the resup through the seaport. So our role was to coordinate all of that, and make sure that, you know, when deployment contingents needed to move inside of the area, that it was sort of done in a controlled and, you know, organised fashion.

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