Michael Apperley - Recreation and briefings

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


There was a quite a lot of card playing, you know, in typical Australian fashion, there was a lot of annoying each other, you know, but we had a, we set up a bit of a basketball court outside. So, you know, whenever we could we'd go and play a bit of basketball. Eventually as we started to get a bit more sophisticated, we started building some gym equipment and various things. We had a bit of a gymnasium sort of set up eventually.

And really, of an evening, you know, the general routine was come back, we'd tell everybody when the barbecue was on or whatever we were making for tea that night, and people would sort of make their way back except for the people that were on duty. And then we'd have a nightly orders from the Regimental Sergeant Major, or from the COMASC, the commander of the Australian contingent, so we get a bit of a sit rep, we get a bit of an Intel brief, you know, those types of things, work out what we were doing the next day, if there was any sort of people coming in that we needed to know about, you know, whether there was any dignitaries coming or you know, different activities.

And basically, going through that process of an evening, which was great thing to do, because it sort of got us all back together during the day. And, you know, we had a bit of a chat and, you know, somebody would want a hand doing something for various other bits and pieces. So it was good, a nice, you know, sort of, you know, just, I'd call it quality time sort of, yeah, you know, just for an hour or two, and then go off and do your own thing.

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