Michael Apperley - Limited contact with home

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1 min 23 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had our own Australian forces post office, which was AFPO 6, I think it was. I probably got the number wrong, where we could write, and the contingent financial advisor used to run the post office. So we could send mail and we could have mail delivered to us. I think that being in the Navy, the contact back with home was never really a big thing.

We wrote a couple of letters every now and again, we didn't have the internet, or we didn't have any phone contact and various other bits and pieces like that. So , you know, for us, you know, for some people, it was a big, big problem, because they just didn't have that sort of connection back to home.

But most contact back home to Australia was through writing letters, basically. And we were allowed one, I think it was a 10-minute phone call, using the satellite phone, a month. And that was pretty much all the contact that we had back with home.

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