Michael Apperley - Disconnection with home and the deployment

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1 min 52 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were allowed to take a couple of weeks off during the deployment. Some people would go back to Australia for that period of time. I went over to London, and I met up with some family, my wife came over. I've got some relatives in the UK. So I spent my couple of weeks off in the UK and mine was sort of towards the back end because we had to stagger the process, so I sort of took mine about two thirds of the way through the deployment … I think the people that went back to Australia had more difficulty.

I definitely think that, probably a trick that I learned in the Navy, you know, if you're going to go away, go away, you know, don't go away for a couple of weeks and come home because you not only get in trouble for messing up the routine in the house, but you know, you're sort of connecting and disconnecting, you know, like, more often than not.

So being in the Navy, for me it was, my wife even would say, it was much better to, you know, you don't want to be away for massive periods of time, but it was much better from a stability perspective to be away for, you know, the duration and then, you know, come home. So I noticed the folks that went back to Australia some of them had a bit more difficulty when they got back.

For me, it was just, you know, I mean, I think by the time I'd been on leave or been on R&R and came back, I knew that I only had about a month to go. So it wasn't, you know, wasn't such a big deal.

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