Michael Apperley - A game of inches and inherent dangers

Running time
1 min 41 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


You don't understand the inherent danger, probably while you're there, but then, you know, you should, but you start to think about it, and then, you know, for us, you know, I don't think any level of sort of preparation can always get you, you know, ready for the what you're about to experience, but, you know, the army certainly tried to do their very best to get you get you situated as much as you possibly can, as you get into theatre.

And, you know, getting home and just looking back and thinking, "Well, that could have gone really badly" It didn't and maybe that was our training, maybe that was just, you know, luck. I was over there when, you know, people such as the Morris Catering Group were there. One of his sons got executed while I was there, you know, so, you know, it's a game of inches, you know. Some days we would transit through a particular area and then 15 minutes later, a massive, you know, command detonated explosion, or somebody's having a go at you with small arms fire, you know. Just the luck of the draw sometimes, I think.

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