Michael Apperley - A job well done

Running time
1 min 22 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


My general view on this is that there was a lot of brave folks, you know, deployed right the way through this whole Somalia experience, particularly in the Australian service contingent associated with movement control unit. And, you know, I think the reason why we managed to get out, you know, without too much, you know, difficulty was because we all worked very well together.

Sometimes the training kicks in, sometimes the adrenaline kicks in, sometimes the panic kicks in. But, you know, I think if I was going to single out anybody, I think it would be Pete Evans, the RSM for the time when I was there, a guy called Norm Magher who was the RSM that replaced Pete in ASC 3. And those guys, you know, were there to look after us and make sure that we were as safe as we possibly could. And they did a pretty good job.

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