Michael Apperley - Looking mean on patrol

Running time
1 min 20 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I would go to the seaport in my specific role probably once or twice a week. So yeah, that was a, I'd definitely be outside the wire, you know, maybe three or four times a week to either the airport or the seaport …

Well, we basically had a Land Cruiser with usually myself and two others, usually whoever was available on the day and we would, you know, just get kitted up. If we could find a couple of extra flak jackets, we throw those on the floor in the vehicle as well, sit on them, you know, wear a helmet, wear our flak jacket, and, you know, just get out in the street.

Off we go … Our boss, you know, Lieutenant Colonel Jones at the time, he always used to say to us at night orders, you know, "When you go out there look mean. Do your best". So, you know, it was not trying to intimidate the locals, but trying to just make sure that they understood that if something did happen we would mean business.

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