Damien Timms - Downtime

Running time
1 min 2 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


A lot of us would just go to the makeshift gym that they had. That seems to be a normal thing with a lot to pass the time, because you don't have all the bells and whistles of things today where you can just get on there and you've got thousands of movies on your hard drive or anything like that. So we didn't have any of that. We actually had to get tapes in or get mail in or something like that. Or do things like just sit around and talk with people, play a board game or something like that.

But a lot of time we'd be working. But I remember we watched quite a few movies or so. The other thing was we actually went out on patrol and we spoke with the kids that were around the area quite a bit. That's probably one of the hard questions you've asked me because I can't really remember that much downtime. I haven't really contemplated it that much.

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