Damien Timms - Rising above it

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1 min 48 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


As I said, there's a few positives. I saw some people, like there was a doctor there. She was a captain or a major who later became a colonel, Carol Vaughan Evans and she received a medal. And a few others that received great recognition for things that they did over there. Probably our medal count, actual unit commendations didn't come until 25 years later, which probably did settle the ship. It goes back to that point of where people didn't want to know about it when we first got back. And it's sort of that anguish of, we probably should've got more recognition. Because you then later look at other things that occurred and you think, well we just lived like that for six months.

Other units will get something for one event or one sort of incident. But I think everything was steadied by that unit commendation. And the people who really did rise above, especially the junior leaders that were there, they did really well. Some of them had only been out of the Royal Military College for a couple of months so to speak. The next second they're commanding infantry troops or medics around under stressful conditions all by themselves. And I just saw them rise above it.

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