Damien Timms - A lot of mental fatigue

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


Me personally, I think it's made me who I am today definitely. As in, appreciate things for what they are, because you see how some places can be very unlucky, unfortunate, all those negative sort of words. And then you can see how lucky Australia actually is. Which does dim my view sometimes when people are sort of whinging about how they've got it bad in Australia or something like that. I'll be tight lipped about it, but I sort of form the opinion like, "Hey, you actually don't realise how lucky we are."

I did have a bit of an outburst at my younger sister when I got back. She was whinging about something. It was just not even a thing. Because when you've got children walking up to you and they've got a machete stuck in their head and they're asking you for water, you go "Whoa, that child has problems". Then you watch other people whinging about that don't have the latest app or something like that or their WiFi is not working correctly, they are not actually real-life problems.

That's one aspect of it. I definitely would not ... so I'll probably rephrase the question. If was asked again to go and know what I was about to experience, I would still say yes. I definitely would go. Because I had this logical sense to go, "Hey, this is Africa, at its worst I get it" but I did get to go to Africa and see it for what it was because there was still good moments there. But it's still a lot of bad. The only thing that I do hate about that trip was the affect it had on a lot of my friends. There was a lot of mental fatigue or even further. And unfortunately there's quite a few people I know who aren't with us today. And some of that may be because of Rwanda. I don't know. But I'd definitely say at least a few have had the side effect of that.

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