Damien Timms - Rotations

Running time
1 min 35 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Looking at the place, Rwanda, there was no typical day. But you went on a rotation. I'm pretty sure it was like four different rotations. So the first being one would sort of be your rest rotation or would be, there was a main base which used to be the Kigali Rwandan officers academy, their equivalency of Duntroon but obviously quite small and not as grand so to speak. That had been all sort of bombed out and you had to provide security to that place because there was still a threat within the city of Kigali, the main city of Rwanda.

The next one was what we were really over there for, which was hospital duty. And that hospital duty was to guard the hospital, which was about 400 metres up. So you had front gate security and everything like that there. And the next one was providing patrols out to outer areas. So we'd be in vehicles and we'd go out to camps where displaced people would be. And that would be one rotation. And then I think the last one was actual rest and you stayed at the main camp. So there's sort of a reserves so to speak. So you had those four main tasks. But daily we'd just do that. Security was our thing.

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