Damien Timms - Local interactions

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We didn't have any real interaction with the Interahamwe, which were the main offenders, the first ones who had been pushed into the camps and over the border. But our main thing was, interaction was the children. A lot of them were orphans. One person, a lady called Madam Carr who is actually quite famous if you go back to things like the movie Gorillas in the Mist. She actually is one of the close friends of Diane Fossey, the lady who did that. And she used to go stay with her. So we'd go out to her. She ran her own orphanage.

Non-government organisation so we had a lot of dealings with them, like Doctors Without Borders and a myriad of other sort of organisations, AusAID, I think they may have changed their name now and a few others that were there. Other armies, so the British, the Canadians. Because it was a Canadian led mission, they were quite prominent and around. So they were quite close to us. And of course some of the victims or patients that you would have coming in when you're at the hospital.

You'd be a stretch bearer because there was still a lot of acts of violence, mines, people would get blown up with mines, et cetera. So you'd hear a blast and you'd go, “Yep, I'm going to go down to the emergency area" and a family would bring them in. You have to bring them in, so that was our, excuse me, our interaction with all the other sort of groups.

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