Damien Timms - A family connection

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1 min 21 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I grew up inner city St. Kilda, still barrack for them unfortunately. But I was just studying, but I always had this idea nagging to just join the Australia Defence Force. And to be honest, it wasn't sort of a popular thing back in '89 when I joined. Not many people actually wanted to go to the Defence Force but that's all I wanted to do since I was a little kid. In particular my grandfather, he was Navy. I don't hold that against him., me being army. I sort of looked up to him and I think I did sort of listen to the stories, the Anzacs and everything like that, and it just sort of stuck with me.

The other choice I wanted was a fireman. However, to be very outside of all that, I was actually studying art, I was just born with the ability to paint, draw, and all those sort of things. I won a few awards and everyone sort of wanted me to follow that desire and go through that. But I certainly realised studying that I was like, "No one actually is famous or rich until they're actually passed away or they've done something crazy like cut their ear off."

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