Damien Timms - Medicine and vaccinations

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


So one thing, we had a lot of vaccinations, which is I'd say Australia does all throughout its history has learned from the lessons learned being jungle fighters in Vietnam, Malaysia and World War II, that you need to have preventative medicine against these sort of combat elements. Being on a trip that was predominantly doctors and everything like that, they were very quite aware of it themselves. In fact, we had to take Doxycycline I think for six, seven months like that, which people complain about because sometimes people wouldn't eat when they had it. They say it gives people weird dreams and all that sort of thing.

I don't know if that's an urban, or I'll rephrase that, an Army myth. But we had to take quite a few, quinine and all that sort of stuff. There was another interesting thing with water. There was a big lake there you couldn't go into. It looked great, apart from the hippos and that in some of the other areas that would kill you at night-time if you went into them, because of the wildlife there as well, especially big gorillas but in the lake they had some bug or something like that so if you got into it and it got into your system, you basically will die. So yeah, a lot of places were just not nice. Australia is a harsh place but Africa can be just as harsh.

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