Damien Timms - A lack of knowledge about Rwanda

Running time
1 min 10 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


This probably shows how far we've come in the way that we get information. There's no such thing as social media. Really anything that was recorded basically had to take, it was on a VHS or a BETA tape and was sent by standard mail before you got anything. So to be honest, Rwanda was, no one actually really knew what it was, even the first contingent that went. Even though I was in the second contingent, the first contingent come from 2 RAR as well, and most of those people had gone through initial training and all that together at the school of Infantry and we all trained together.

But we were sort of privy to the information that they had. But it wasn't that much. Even our initial training sort of centred around the veterans that had come from Somalia. So we're doing sort of training that was almost through the streets of Mogadishu and things like that.

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