Damien Timms - An eye-opening experience

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I definitely remember the whole trip because it was eye opening. I mean I had been overseas before. In fact, my company had been together for a long time, which was quite good. It didn't sort of move apart like things sort of happen now. We'd posted at New Zealand and all that. But when we deployed over there it was like we'd never been anywhere before because it was just such an eye opener.

They had a plane from a company called Tower Air. And I think that company actually got banned from actually landing in Australia because the safety standards were so below par. When we got into the aircraft, internal parts would actually fall off and all that, because basically to get us over to Africa, which is on the far side of the planet, they went and booked the cheapest flight they could. And looking at it now, we didn't have the Air Force that we do today which has its own capability to get us there.

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