Battle of Mouquet Farm 10 August to 5 September 1916

Mouquet Farm became a well-known name in many Australian families. The farm was near the high ground of Pozieres ridge. Three Australian Divisions made nine attacks on the Germans here between 8 August and 3 September 1916. Most of the farm buildings were reduced to rubble. Stone cellars remained below ground, and the Germans made them into defences. The Battle of Mouquet Farm cost the 1st, 2nd and 4th Australian Divisions over 11,000 casualties. None of the Australian attacks succeeded in capturing and holding the farm.

The British advance eventually bypassed the farm, leaving it an isolated outpost. Mouquet Farm finally fell to the British on 26 September 1916.

A landscape view of barren uneven ground

The landscape of Mouquet Farm, October 1916. AWM E00006

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