Cricket match between 20 Aust Inf Bde HQ and 107 R.H.A

Name: Punch
Date: 1941
Unit: 20th Australian Infantry Brigade
Location: Tobruk

Even in the midst of war, Australian's still loved their sport. Following is a set of rules governing play - taking into account local conditions - from a match at Tobruk.

CRICKET MATCH between 20 AUST INF BDE HQ and 107 R. H. A. To be played at Cricket Ground

1. Time of start Play to commence at 1400 hrs, 30 July 41
2. Hours of play Play to be continuous, except by interference by air raids, until 1800 hrs.
Play will NOT rpt NOT, cease during shell-fire.
3. Refreshments All players will supply own beer.
Rum issue, before and after match, is being arranged by Manager
4. Dress Shirt, shorts, long socks and shoes (if available), hats F.S. (or bareheaded).
ITI helmets or other fancy headgear will NOT be worn.
Umpires will wear white coats (if available) and will carry loaded rifle with fixed bayonets.
Tin hats to be used (on head only) by wicket- keeper, if desired.
5. Umpires One umpire to be supplied by each side.
Unbiased umpires preferred but these may be changed if things are going against team concerned.
Remarks to umpires on receipt of adverse decisions to be confined to those words used during dive-bomber attacks.
6. Weapons All players will be searched for concealed weapons before start of play.
All weapons found, other than S.T. grenades, Mills bombs, and revolvers will be confiscated (this does NOT apply to the umpires).
7. Additional rules Any other rules may be added or deleted as a majority of players, umpires or onlookers think fit.
8. Medical Manager will make medical arrangements and have ambulance in attendance.
A parade of stiff (muscle) players will be held at 0900 hrs, 31 July 41.
Capt I.F. McMaster 20 Aust Inf Bde H.Q.
Lieut A.C Fletcher 20 Bde A Tk Coy
Lieut B. Trebock 20 Aust Inf Bde H.Q.
Capt N.N. Fletcher 20 Bde A Tk Coy
Cpl J. Laing 20 Bde A Tk Coy
L/Cpl W. Jones 20 Aust Inf Bde H.Q.
Lieut M.D. Vincent 20 Aust Inf Bde H.Q.
Pte. W.T. Collins 20 Bde A Tk Coy
WO (II) S. Pearson 20 Bde A Tk Coy
Pte. W.D. Pearson 20 Bde A Tk Coy
Cpl. M. Ready 20 Bde A Tk Coy
Pte. Chataway 20 Bde A Tk Coy 12th man
Manager: Capt A.N. Backhouse Umpire: Lieut M.V. Pickering
  Scorer: L/Cpl A.J. Wright

Team will rendezvous at 20 Aust Inf Bde H.Q. at 1200 hrs, 30 July

The material for this article was supplied by Mrs Nanette Punch of New South Wales

Last updated: 3 June 2019

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