Farewell to Australia's sons

Name: HarrisonĀ Lee-Cowie
Date: 1914-1918
Unit: Civilian
Location: Invergargill

There's a rushing of feet, a springing to arms,
A wondrous response since the war's wild alarms.
Our brave boys are leaving, they've heard the loud call,
"Lads, come back with honour, or come not at all."

Be noble and fearless, be gallant and true;
The women will watch for tidings of you;
Protect your own manhood, brave sons of the brave,
There are worse things to shun than a patriot's grave.

Be dauntless in fighting the fierce foes within,
Tread down, without mercy, temptations to sin,
Protect every girl, ne'er cause one to fall,
Oh, come back with honour, or come not at all.

Your glorious intellects drug not, we plead,
Keep soul, brain and body superb for our need.
Give God of your best, be prayerful and strong,
Let Right be your might; never yield to a wrong.

From counter and office, from farm and from mill,
You are speeding in haste over river and hill.
And the women who love you, send out this last call,
"Come back, lads, with honour, or come not at all."

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