Mark Povey - Clan rivalry

Running time
1 min 23 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


they would come in from two gates into the university compound. They all had ID cards. So the only Somali workers were UN workers who had UN ID, and they would come in every day of the week. And, I don't know if you know, the structure of the Somali people, but they can have, the father can have multiple wives. So they have the clan and the sub clan on and so forth.

So we had workers who had the same father, but had different mothers and the mothers were from different clans and those clans, when we were there, could have been fighting each other. So even though these blokes had the same father, their sub clans might not have liked each other. And so you had the friction between your own workers.

And you had to sort of like tread a fine line between being friendly with one and not being friendly with the other because there would be that bit of angst between between co workers. So it was just a hard thing to sort of adjust to that, we come from a society where it's mother and father, whereas over there it's their way, and it was, you know, it's what we had to, you know, sort of get used to.

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