Mark Povey - Convoys

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1 min 24 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


One of the rules that was, especially for the Australian contingent and I think was for every contingent was that you weren't allowed to be out in the street in one vehicle on your own. You had to go out in two vehicles. So every day of the week, if you needed to go down to the seaport, there would be vehicles leaving on the evening out from the embassy compound. And you would go down together en masse.

So armoured vehicles would lead the way and in between the UN vehicles would be another armoured vehicle. So we would go down in a convoy, the convoy would go down to the sea port, and would return back to the university compound on the odd hour. So if you missed the return it at 9am, you have to wait till 11am. Consequently, if you need to get down on your own, you had to make sure that there was you and another vehicle to go down.

Sometimes there wasn't enough people working, Australians working around the house where we lived, we had become friendly with a few US Marines and either they would want to go down or we would go down, we'd go down together, they would take one of their vehicles and we would take one of our vehicles and we go down as a twin convoy.

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