Mark Povey - K4 and a bypass route

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1 min 7 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Through the centre of town was a place called K4, it was like a roundabout and had about five roads that lead in and lead out. The problem being within Somalia at the time, especially in Mogadishu was there was a lot of banditry going on and where K4 was a vehicle would come in one street open fire and they had these vehicles called technicals that had 50 calibre machine guns and so forth mounted on the back and they would come in guns blazing, shoot at UN vehicles and then they would they would just make a run for it and do another street.

There was a Malaysian brigade that was based right opposite K4 but even though they were based there it was still wasn't safe for the UN vehicles to drive through the centre of town. So they they made this bypass route that went through the back, it was all barricaded off and they had boom gates and the only vehicles that were allowed to go through the bypass route were UN vehicles.

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