Mark Povey - Power and water

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had a massive water bladder outside of our of our accommodation. There was generators running 24 hours a day every day, and I'm talking massive big generators that the UN brought into country, so that ran our power. They had a water plant built by the UN so they were running water to all the contingents. So we we had running water, we had a hot water system, we had hot showers, we had washing machines so we could wash our... So we were limited with the amount of pressure we had but we still had running water and we could do our washing and we could have a hot shower.

We had lights. We had power for the TV and for the air conditioning, but the constant noise of just generators going on and on and on, you know, once you left the country, the quietness descended on you and it was like a blessing to be out of country for for a few hours. Every now and then I had to go to Nairobi on business to get stuff for the contingent. The UN made sure that those people who are working for the UN in country were looked after, in respect to, you know, power and water.

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