Mark Povey - Pre-embarkation training

Running time
45 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were on the middle of an oval at Randwick at the army barracks and we were digging holes in the oval and, you know, we were putting plastic sheets down and putting dirt down and leaves in the bottom of the hole and putting a rock on it and leaving it there overnight. The next day, we'd go and see how much water dripped down.

It's like, "What, there's no water in Somalia?" It was just eye opening the things that they were teaching us. And it wasn't till we got in country that we, well it became a reality, that we didn't even need to learn some of the things they taught us but, I suppose, you know, they had to make sure that we were ready and able to be able to do our job for the entire time we were over there.

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