Mark Povey - Hard Luck Café

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


To get out so the the main compound out on the road, the last vehicle traffic was four o'clock in the afternoon. So after four o'clock in the afternoon, no more vehicular traffic would leave the compounds. Then we had our own compound within the big picture, our gate would be locked at eight o'clock.

Most of us had a key, so if we went out to one of the PX stores, we could go out lock the gate and go about our business and then be able to get back in at night time. So even though the gate was locked, it just stopped other people from other contingents trying to get into our bar, into our sleeping area.

The, you know, we had a picture up on the wall, painting, it was called Hard Luck Cafe, not Hard Rock Cafe. We had two Indian gentleman, Indian officers rock up one afternoon, walked through the gate and said, "Can they get a drink?" And when we said, "We don't sell drinks here". And they looked at the painting and said, "Hard Rock Cafe?" and it's like, "No, this is the Hard Luck Cafe.

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