Mark Povey - Training at HMAS Leeuwin

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1 min 18 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When I joined the Navy in 77, and I was in the last intake of 12 months through HMAS Leeuwin. You do an aptitude test and they then classify you in two different educational streams within Lewin and depending on where your education stream is, depends on how often you did part a ship within HMAS Leeuwin. So the class I was in, we used to go to part a ship every Monday. So we'd spend the day working somewhere within the establishment be that at the gangway with a quartermaster, being in the galley with the chefs.

So you learned all the jobs throughout the fleet and you went to the clothing store, you went to the vitler office and it was during that time at HMAS Leeuwin, working in those different departments that you started to take, "I wouldn't mind doing this" or "I wouldn't mind doing that". And during that time I chose to become a stores vittling sailor and that's the only way. Nowadays they have to already have the category picked out before they actually join the services.

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