Mark Povey - Constant threat

Running time
1 min 27 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


It was just a constant thing all the time. There was a time there where some Somalis were within the major compound and some of them had weapons. Our RSM, he made us get up onto the roof of their building, we had sandbags sections up on the roof and we went up there and our weapons were on instant, ready to open fire.

And there were Somalis running around the compound shooting at buildings and people. And in the moment, you're not worried about what's going on, you're more worried about are you going to do the job properly. It's not till afterwards that you think, "Oh my God, there was blokes down there shooting at us".

So, you know, and there was a time, you know, we had to go and get some new tires for our vehicles, went to another compound, we pulled up, there was a vehicle sitting next to us and I was driving the vehicle at the time, and there was a bloke driving a vehicle and above him was a few Somali militia and they had all their weapons trained on the vehicle. It's moments like that you think, you know, "How close are we to be to being shot?" So it sort of puts you in perspective of how cheap and how quickly a life can be taken."

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