Mark Povey - The contingent

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


There was actually, there was 42 of us in the contingent that went to Somalia. There was some reserves, were there just in case. There's a bloke that I speak to every now and then on Facebook, Lindsay, he did his whole training with us and he never even got a call up. There was three or four other members of three services.

They did the training with us and they came over in the August of 94. So there was already a contingent in country and there was another part of the contingent had come in halfway through. We had we had service personnel that had done their training with us so later on, when the people in country had finished their six months after we'd already been there, they were their replacements. So there was probably about 50 under training, but only about 45 of us spent time in country.

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