Mark Povey - R & R

Running time
1 min 13 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We got UN leave and they gave us a dollar amount to use on our holidays. I saved one of my blocks of R&R and I tacked it onto my leave and I flew home for two weeks to Australia. I arrived home just before my wife's birthday in August and I spent two weeks at home. And it was just good to be at home for a period of time and get some normality back into your life.

My wife did say that at night time, some nights, I would wake up her up by my dreams. It sort of always, at the time, you're always dreaming of what had happened, you know, daily occurrences in country. We could use our our leave and go anywhere we wanted to. A couple of people toured around Africa, a couple of people went to Europe. A few of us come home and spend some good times at home with the family before we went back into country again.

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