Mark Povey - Working as a victualler

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1 min 8 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was a stores victualler sailor and the category I was in we were disbanded. We were amalgamated with the stores naval category in 1992. So when I first joined it was two stores categories, stores victualling which was food and clothing and stores naval which was everything but food and clothing.

And the Navy decided in the early 90s that they would get rid of one of the stores categories and just make it into one. So then we could also go from being in charge of, say, the clothing store or a victualliing office, we could go to a naval stores, obviously, and be in charge of all the nuts and bolts and all that sort of stuff as well.

That was my trade, as a victualler working in conjunction with the cooks, work and doing the menus, ordering all the food, ordering all the clothing, all the bedding. And especially at sea, making sure you have enough food from one port to the next.

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